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ERMAN YACHTING is 100% bespoke & tailored hand made custom boat builder in Istanbul, Turkey.
Company builds 34 ft-80 ft  Lobster boats, Trawler boats and Personalized Lux Motor Yachts in standard building programme.

Since 2005, by very experienced building team and management,  in domestic and mostly by worldwide sales network, special design, standard and customized models have been built for highest pleasure and satisfactions for clients.

All boats are GRP fiberglass polyester based and build as newest building methods as composit, infusion and monolitic hand lay up systems. Depends to building classification and standards, composit vacuum, monolithic vacuum, epoxy vacuum infussion, lamination, vinelester and foam systems are applied by our professional team.

The electronic, electric, plumbing, mechanic, interior decoration, exterior decoration, modelling, stainless steel chrome, wood, textile, leather, polyester, montage and design works in all building phases perform synchronously until finish.
The best wellknown international components and accessories ( Raymarine, Garmin, Fruno,Yanmar, Cummins, Volvo, MAN, CAT, Cantalupi, Savoretti, Osculati, Onan, Kohler,Besenzoni, Opakmare,..) accompany to our built yachts.


Building, engineering, design, assembling, model testing, optimization, productivity, performance and  delivery processes are highly specialized by our company in international area. Business Developments, Strategic Plannings and Know How processes continue exhaustively.

ERMAN YACHTING’ s business introduces a completely process sequences including activities from ProjectBegin up to ProjectDelivered in international area for unlimited satisfaction and highest designs for each client’s style approach.

As using the all advantages of being a multilingual / multicultural corporation in global market, Our expanding and developments are continuously performing vertically among our building process, delivery process and strategic partnership as solution center at process.


Our all building phases are realized according to client’s desire and requirements. All exterior-interior designs, decoration styles, colors, material selections and style have been built how client’s wish. Our all boat building philisophy supported the ” customer focus”, for their satisfaction and maritime enjoys. Our clients may inspect each level of their boats in building. We are glad as a company to make them happy to finish a boat for them how they prefer / the way how they want to have.

As conscious higly about importance of clients’ desires and demands onto us, All boats are finalize upon clients’ directions in each details for their perfection apporach. We know that each client have their own yachting and design pleasure and with respecting these approaches, We design each details under consideration of our satisfaction policy.


  To reach art design and top building facilities, We are touching to highest standards and precision engineering. Erman Yachting,  as 100% bespoke & tailored handmade custom build yachting company,  aim to finish all yacht models due to client’s desires, requirements and satisfaction at complete building phases.

By following newest fashion design and ultimate yachts dream, as our unlimited passion for performing the best maritime characteristics at sea, the best navigation electronic brands and the best components accompany to our yachts. 

The character, sophistication and art design of our yachts always demonstrate the reformist yachting and nobility.



DETAILS and DESIGN for Best Maritime Characteristics
Perfect Balance, Powerful Design and Robust Velocity

A way from project and desires to Finished Stylish Elegance Designs
with Pleasures which never be ended..


Stylish Elegance and High Class Designs   

D  E  S  I  G  N     O F    N  O  B  I  L  I  T  Y